Pope discusses literacy and dignity with Nita Freire

From the Catholic News Service, 27 April 2015:

ROME (CNS) -- The widow of renowned Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire said her meeting with Pope Francis was intended to highlight the contribution her late husband's ideas can make in the important role of the church in bringing about peace. Historian and pedagogue Ana Maria Araujo Freire said she asked for "a dialogue with the pope" because she "wanted the Catholic Church to know the work of Paulo. It's very, very important ... for peace and tolerance all over the world," she said, adding that bringing about peace and tolerance is "the task" of "this pope and this Catholic Church." The pope agreed to meet April 24 because he knows of and has read Freire's work, said Araujo in an interview with Catholic News Service in Rome April 26. She said her request for the meeting had gone through retired Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes, former prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy and retired archbishop of Sao Paulo. The pope "considered the meeting with me because of the writings of Paulo, because of the importance of Paulo for the education of oppressed people, poor people, black people, for women, for minorities," she said.